Go on, hire me ;)

I'm a web software developer from rainy England. I started my career in 2008 and have since been hired as a 'web developer', 'frontend developer', 'tea maker', 'web applications developer' and 'software engineer'. I'm much more than just a label though.

All I know is that I love building things for the web and love learning how to build them better each day!

Nice Personality

  • Problem causer solver
  • Lives to work learn
  • Team orientated
  • Targets and results driven
  • Over thinker
  • Makes good tea

Useful Skills

  • PHP (ZF2, WordPress, CodeIgniter)
  • JS (Angular, jQuery, Grunt)
  • DB (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis)
  • Testing (Jasmine, PHPUnit, Karma)
  • Agile (JIRA, Kanban, Gitflow)
  • CSS (Sass, Less)

Good Hobbies

  • Travelling (30 countries so far)
  • I have too many guitars
  • Long distance cycling
  • Boardsports (skate, surf, sand)
  • Ski weekends
  • Learning Speaking German